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Bobcat ZTR Mowers


Bobcat ZTR Mowers CTBZTRM

ProCat models come in deck sizes ranging from 52”–61”. The frame of the ProCat™ has been redesigned to give you a better view of the ground, letting you trim closer than ever, without causing damage to buildings, trees, or other obstacles. This improved frame also gives you better traction and control on uneven terrain and hills, helping to prevent damage to the turf due to slipping and spinning of the drive wheels.

-Folding Rollover Protective Structure standard
-Adjustable cutting range from 1” to 5½” for the right cut, no matter what the height
-Easy Maintenance Access
-Fast Speeds for Increased Productivity
-Fabricated Decks
-2 yr/2,000 Hr. Warranty | OR | 5yr/500 Warranty
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Bobcat ZTR Mowers Bobcat ZTR Mowers




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